Checking Clinic

Welcome to our Checking Clinic, a one-session program designed to develop the instrumental skill of body checking for first-year bantam players. Checking involves using physical force to separate an opponent from the puck, with contact permitted only from the front, diagonally from the front, or from the side – never from the rear. The transition from non-contact to contact play can be challenging, making it crucial for players to learn proper positioning to minimize the risk of injury and execute checks safely.

Our clinic covers four checking phases, emphasizing basic skills, building confidence, fostering respect, and increasing awareness of the checking process.

  • ANGLING: Considered the first line of defense, angling forces opponents in desired directions, positioning players for safer impacts with the boards, and reducing injury risk.
  • STICK CHECKS: Although more flashy than body checks, stick checks are frequently used and just as effective. Defensive players aim to separate the puck from opponents’ sticks, utilizing four primary stick checks – poke, sweep, lift, and press checks.
  • BODY CONTACT: This stage focuses on teaching players to receive impact safely. Adopting a tripod stance with slightly bent knees, wider feet, and the stick forming a triangle base helps players withstand collisions while maintaining favorable positions.
  • BODY CHECKING: Here, players learn to separate opponents from the puck through physical force. Crucially, checks should target the other player’s trunk (hips to shoulders) and include an attempt to play the opponent’s stick. The intent is to separate the player from the puck effectively.

Our dedicated coaches will guide participants through each phase, ensuring they understand proper technique and the importance of respectful play. As players develop their checking skills, they gain confidence, become more responsible, and contribute to a safer and more enjoyable hockey environment.

Join Unstoppable Hockey’s Checking Clinic and equip yourself with vital checking skills. Together, let’s build a strong foundation of knowledge and abilities, empowering players to excel and thrive on the ice while respecting the game and fellow players.

Bantam (only)
Checking Clinic 

Wed, August 23, 2023
Starts at 6 pm
Methuen High School
(25 players max)


Text Derek with questions at (978) 885-4853. Kindly make your payment through Venmo and await confirmation, as this session may have already sold out. Include player name in the Venmo message.

$30 per player. 

Please print, complete and email to or bring to the session.

Thank you.