The Making of a Star with Goal Stars

Unstoppable Hockey’s Leadership, teamwork, & confidence building program

Have you ever wondered what it takes to shine on and off the ice? Unstoppable Hockey’s Goal Stars has the answer. We’re about turning your dreams into reality through careful planning, hard work, and tracking progress. Our program isn’t just about hockey; it’s a transformative journey encompassing all aspects of your life.

Unlock Your Potential

In the hockey world, our shared goal is to be the best we can be. But here’s a thought: When one part of your life isn’t going well, it can cast a shadow on the rest. Goal Stars is here to nurture success in every vital area. 

Our Three Pillars: School, Hockey, Life

  1. School: Academic excellence is the foundation of a bright future. We help you balance your studies and hockey passion, equipping you with the tools to excel.
  2. Hockey: At our core, it’s all about hockey. We offer elite coaching, cutting-edge training, and a supportive environment to help you reach your full potential, whether your goal is the pros or being a team leader.
  3. Life: Success goes beyond the rink and classroom. We focus on life skills, personal growth, and character development, ensuring you’re a well-rounded individual ready to thrive.

Thinking about Your Goals:

Hey there, future superstars! We’re thrilled you’re ready to set some impressive goals with Goal Stars. Here are points to consider this week, you’ll receive your Goal Star Forms next week:

  1. Start with School: Think about your academic dreams. What grades do you want to achieve? Are there specific subjects you’d like to excel in? Write down your goals. For example, “I want straight A’s in math and science this semester.”
  2. Hockey Goals: Now, let’s focus on your passion for hockey. What skills do you want to improve? Do you dream of being a captain? Write down your hockey goals. For instance, “I want to score 20 goals this season” or “I aim to be a team leader by helping my teammates on and off the ice.”
  3. Balancing Act: Remember, Goal Stars is all about balancing school and hockey. Think of ways you can manage your time effectively. It could be setting aside an hour each day for homework or finding study buddies on your team.
  4. Dream Big: Don’t be afraid to dream big! Whether winning a championship, getting a scholarship, or becoming an NHL player, write down your ultimate goals.
  5. Check-in: Keep your goals where you can see them daily. Check-in regularly to see your progress and adjust if needed. Share your goals with your coaches, teachers, or parents—they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders!

Remember, your goals are the steppingstones to your future success. This week think about these areas and get ready to fill out your Goal Stars form be ready to shine on and off the ice!

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